Customer Satisfaction is a pillar to the success of any business. Rescue Response Group ® believes that a world class customer service ® is the key to success. Today any RRG service is based on customer satisfaction and RRG have adopted "world class customer service ®" as a trade mark. This separates us from any other service prodder in USA and abroad. At RRG we believe that satisfied customers will recommend us to others. And dissatisfied customers will complain to an average of ten other customers and potential customers, multiplying the damage to our reputation. Today our reputation is enough that we have thousands of repeat customers and the quantity of new customers is increasing day by day.

We keep our Promise to

  • Provide RRG "World Class Customer Service ®"
  • Communicatefriendly with customers, and answer swiftly
  • Fulfill the commitment in timely manner
  • Believe that a customer is first priority
  • Deliver consistent service.
  • Listen, and sympathies to complaints
  • Encourage Complaints and handle any complaint and resolve in first call.
  • Involve our whole team in any situation
  • Respond In a timely manner
  • Talk polite and respect fully with customers
  • Be honest and upfront with customers
  • Correct mistakes and adopt a way not to repeat them again
  • Respond to all needs, above and beyond
  • Consider customer a human not a transection
  • Understand the customer's need and appreciating their business
  • Fulfill the promise made to the customer
  • Aim for realistic standards