Like many companies, Rescue Response Group ® has an mission statement, vision and unique standards; however, unlike most companies, we also have a Pillars of Values ® that each employee is urged to know and follow by heart and with heart and to remember them. These Pillars of Value ® serves as a set of universal guidelines to which we strive to adhere, from the bottom of the organization all the way to the top. We believe that "Pillars are the foundation of any organization and a strong pillars hold the foundation for a very long time and don't let it sink" that's why any meeting of two or more employees of Rescue Response Group ® begins with a reciting the Pillars Of Value ®.


To be recognized and respected as one of the Premier Service Company in the WORLD.


To implement our 10 Pillars Of Value ® and exceed our customers' expectations.

Pillars of Value:

  1. Accountability-Having the integrity to follow through with commitments and accept the consequences for our actions.
  2. Confidence-Believing in our ability's to fix problems.
  3. Forgiveness-Absence of negative feelings towards others, who have made mistakes.
  4. Generosity-Giving without compensation.
  5. Gratitude-Being great full for our blessings and showing respect to others.
  6. Humility-Take responsibility for our actions and share the credit with others.
  7. Integrity-Being honest, loyal and truthful in our actions.
  8. Positive Attitude-See every circumstance as a positive experience.
  9. Respect-Treating others as they want to be treated.
  10. Self-Awareness-Being aware of what's going on around us. Understanding choices we make effect the people and world around us.